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Sunday, March 16, 2014


The race to the bottom is like a dog chasing it's tail.  It is a never-ending loop.  Just when you think the bottom can go no lower, the bottom drops out, and the race is back on.
In recent years we downgraded Pluto from planet status, while at the same time, the Plutocracy continues it's ascent.  Business today has become more feudalistic than ever.  Rights?  Negotiation?  What do these terms mean anymore?
In the game of smoke and mirrors, we may be upgraded to an e-cigarette, but the vapours still remain.

"The meaning of Life is that it stops."  Kafka

Is the race to the bottom really even a race?  Or more like the law of gravity.  Given time, everything drops.

In the savage hustle and bustle of life as we now know it, the Great Depression is no longer just an economic event that happened in 1929.  The Great Depression is now personified in all of us.  Doped up, pushed onward, we stumble on.  Not forward or falling, but a progression similar to the cattle in the feedlot prodded onward to the finish.   The Final Product?
Tastes like chicken.  Smells like victory in the morning.

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