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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Even the Financial Post knows it's all a con!

Good to go?
Most Boomers' retirement plans 'going nowhere'
Former engineer and financial planner Jim Otar says most Baby Boomers have not saved enough to retire comfortably and should plan to remain in the workforce quite a bit longer.1
What is interesting about this story is two things.
First, the National Post/Financial Post is finally catching on to the whole retirement con job fantasy that is routinely shoved down our throats. Secondly, author Jim Otar warns that most Baby Boomers are in the "red zone", and that they would be " well-advised to find a new career they can enjoy into old age."

What the hell do you think we've been talking about here at Freedom 85????

1 Jonathan Chevreau, National PostPublished: Saturday, August 22, 2009

Homer vs. Dignity season 12 The Simpsons

A financial consultant visits Chief Wiggum, informing him that he has not planned for retirement.
"You know how it is with cops."
"I'll get shot three days before retirement."
"In the business we call it irony."

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quarantined because you're too old????

In the not too distant future, people beyond a certain state dictated age will be rounded up and quarantined from the general populace. They will be fed a sub-standard subsistence diet, and although they will be allowed visitors, they will rarely have them.
Any money they have accumulated in their life will be expropriated to pay for their "care". A small stipend will remain in their hands as long as they can notice it. Once they are distracted, even this will disappear.
At night, the women will have "visitors", who will rummage through their belongings, and ocassionally touch them in ways that they might have considered inappropriate. The men that survive, and there will not be many, will all be left to their own devices.
This is because they will have grown many strange hairs on their bodies that would require grooming, if anybody still cared, and they will have started to emit an unpleasant odour that can only be described as somewhere between ferment and decay.
In the afternoons, they will gather to place various games of chance. Some will board buses, that will take them to official places that promise more than they deliver.

These vestiges of humanity will be known as "The Lucky Ones".