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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sucks Getting Old is getting old

It sucks getting old.  But when all we can do is to "get old", there is not many viable alternatives.  The Swiss, god bless them, are making provisions for "end of life planning", or what clinics will call "We take walk-outs."

The Swiss have done much for mountains, banking, and the putting of holes in cheese.  I think they even gave us Yello, but I could be wrong.

Wrong is something we get alot as we get older.  And it sucks being wrong, almost as much as it sucks getting old.

In the last year, I have had the misfortune of having one of my dearest friends die from cancer.  Another acquaintance just passed on, with the euphemistic body riddled.

Life itself is a riddle.  But riddles, like the Swiss, and like cancer, and getting old suck.   There are no guarantees, no best before dates, no use before cautions.
At a certain point there is truth alone.  And death and taxes and gravity are all pretty safe bets.

Seven come eleven, boxcars or snake-eyes.  That's life.  Sometimes youse a winner, and sometimes, it's craps.   It is all how you roll it, little lady.   Little Lady Luck.

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