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Saturday, October 17, 2009

EXTRA!! EXTRA!!! WORK SUCKS!!!! Read all about it.....

I was driving in to work yesterday and listening to the CBC.  Hana Gartner had an interesting discussion on The Current about retirement, the fight to end mandatory, how as we age, we will all have to keep on working, only thing different will be that more and more of the work we do, will be unpaid.
Pt 3: Retirement - So much for Freedom 55. According to a new study, working after you retire, even just a little bit, can make you healthier and happier than people who don't.

It was generally agreed that since work takes up such a large percentage of our lives, that we owe ourselves to find work that we love, or at the very least, we can tolerate for 8 plus hours a day plus commute time.

So to summarize, "retirement" is a concept that no longer exists, "mandatory retirement" is an ageist conspiracy to keep the aged poor and in need of support, work is something we should love, and in the future, we will work for less and less money.

In other news, man botches home circumscision. Judges rules 4 year old cannot give consent.


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